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Westminster Council
Leicester Square Street Funiture
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Westminster Council

Leicester Square Street Furniture

Margard Easy Clean AFP
Ref.: 301-Line

Location : Leicester Square, City of Westminster, London

The Problem

Westminster City Council in London, UK, is responsible for the maintenance of some of Britain's best known and most visited tourist sites, from Oxford Street to Parliament Square, and is also the home of the West End Theatreland. Leicester Square itself has the highest footfall of any public square in the world, and maintaining it in good order, free from fly-posting and graffiti - as befits a major European capital city - is given one of the highest priorities.

The Solution

The solution was Margard EasyClean AFP Finish, providing a tough, durable, long-lasting lightly-textured coating that creates a non-stick surface to defer fly-posting and also allow any graffiti to be easily removed.

This system works by providing a chemical resistant painted surface that offers adhesion-resistant properties to any subsequent adhesion such as fly-poster paste and sticky labels, as well as being effective against chewing gum.

The Benefits

Ease of Use: Easily applied by brush, roller or spray. Excellent covering power in one coat.
Extremely Long Life: The finished coating will retain gloss and colour for 25 to 30 years.
Application: Touch dry within a few hours ensuring minimal downtime and risk of pedestrian contact.
Fights 'Envirocrime': Not only protects against fly‐posting, but also graffiti "tags" from aerosols and marker pens.
Environmentally Friendly: Very low VOC means a dramatic reduction in solvent content, typically 37 grams per litre.
Attractive Appearance: Available in a gloss finish to BS and RAL colours with an attractive low‐profile texture.
Durable: Designed for repeated cleaning and also chip and weather resistance.

The Application

Westminster City Council first lightly abraded the existing gloss coatings.
Coat 1: Any exposed areas of corrosion or bare metal were patch‐primed by brush with UHB Primer Mid Grey (Ref: 91‐1).
Coat 2: Margard Easyclean AFP in Black (Ref: 301‐2) was then applied by brush/roller.


With thanks to City of Westminster Council for kindly giving their permission for the use of the photographs.

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