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Toyota Car Showroom
Cladding Refurbishment
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Toyota Car Showroom

Cladding Refurbishment

SB Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish
Ref.: 547-Line

Location : Howards Toyota Showroom, Weston Super Mare, Somerset

The Problem

Howards Toyota wanted to redecorate the existing cladding system of their showroom in Weston-Super-Mare. Howards’ stipulated that they wanted to change the colour of the cladding to silver and that they needed a paint that could be roller applied. Another requirement was that the chosen product had to be available quickly.

The Solution : Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish in RAL9006

Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish is a high build acrylic vinyl, with durable light-fast pigments.  It not only provides excellent durability, but also outstanding colour retention properties, exactly meeting all of the client’s requirements. It is also very easy to maintain. The SB Acrylic Vinyl Sheen was applied in colour RAL9006.

The Benefits

UV Resistant: The product is based on an acrylic resin providing excellent colour stability.
Adhesion: Ideally suited for this application to plastisol cladding.
Non‐Convertible: Unlike conventional undercoat and gloss coatings, this product does not go brittle or flake on aging.
Easy Maintenance: Further coats of Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish will adhere without lengthy pre‐preparation such as abrading. Simply clean the surface and apply the finish.
Any Colour: The product is available off the DACMIX tinting system in any BS or RAL shade or specific colour match.
Application: Needed to be applied by roller rather than sprayed, so that vehicles did not have to be moved or nearby traffic on major road diverted.

The Application

The cladding was thoroughly washed down with detergent water to remove all dirt and surface chalking, rinsed with clean water and then allowed to dry.
Two Coats: Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish in RAL 9006 was roller applied.


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