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Internal Masonry Works
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Internal Masonry Works

Acrylic Masonry Finish
Ref.: 59-Line and 58-8

Location : Abitat Industrial Unit, Bedford

The Problem

Abitat have an industrial unit that had become worn in appearance, with the previous coatings to the masonry failing and peeling off. Abitat were looking for a high-performance coating that would be durable and easy to apply.

The Solution : Dacrylate Acrylic Masonry Undercoat and Finish in White

Dacrylate Arcylic Masonry Undercoat and Finish in white are highly durable masonry finish products with outstanding flexibility, colour retention and low dirt pick-up, and therefore met the specification for the repainting of the industrial unit’s masonry.

The Benefits

Micro‐porous:: The coating allows permeation of water vapour and therefore for the substrate to 'breathe'.
UV Resistant: The product is an acrylic and offers excellent colour stability.
Adhesion: Ideal for application to not only masonry but also plastisol cladding.
Non‐convertible: Unlike conventional coatings the product does not go brittle or flake.
Easy Maintenance: Easy to overcoat for future coats or changes of colour, due to excellent intercoat adhesion, therefore no need for abrasion, etc. Low dirt pick‐up also makes it easier to keep clean.

The Application

Ensure a clean sound substrate prior to painting. Apply Acrylic Masonry Sealer (our ref: 59‐10) if required.
Coat 1: Dacrylate Acrylic Masonry Undercoat White (Ref: 59‐11).
Coat 2: Dacrylate Acrylic Masonry White (Ref: 59‐8).

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