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Wabtec Rail
Rail Industry Refurbishment
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Wabtec Rail Ltd.

Compliant Coating for refurbishment in Rail Industry

Vinadac High Solids MIO Black
Ref.: 47-177

Location : Doncaster, South Yorkshire

The Problem

Wabtec Rail refurbish railway bogies, wheelsets and dampers. For the bogies, they needed a compliant coating that conformed with new legislation.

The Solution : Vinadac High Solids MIO Black

A modified Vinyl/Micaceous iron oxide coating with rust-inhibitive pigment. Fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Act (1990), as required by Guidance Note PG6/23 (97). High solids, high build coating for the protection of steel and galvanised steel in aggressive environments.

The Benefits

Compliant: Fully compliant with Environmental Protection Act (1990)
High Solids: 53% volume solids
High Build: 75 microns dry film thickness
Protection: High build coating to protect steel in aggressive environments such as those encountered in the Rail Industry.
Certification: Independent testing with certification by Scientifics Ltd.

The Application

Application by airless spray to a shotblasted surface
Coat 1: Apply to an approximate wet film thickness of 140 microns to achieve a dry film thickness of 75 microns


With thanks to Wabtec for kindly giving their permission for the use of the photographs.


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