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Dacmix by Dacrylate

Dacmix by DacrylateDACMIX by Dacrylate, is a computer controlled colour tinting system that ensures precision in the creation of colours and absolute consistency in the coatings, from can to can and batch to batch. Colours are created using a range of specialist machines and hardware, and the simultaneous dispensing of colours enables the rapid colouration of a diverse range paints and coatings, in both the one-pack and the two-pack systems.

The ‘in-can’ method allows for the creation of thousands of bespoke and industry-standard colours across nearly 20 of Dacrylate’s range of coating types, including the most common finishing systems and universal primers.

Dacmx Tinting MachineDACMIX was originally developed as a production aid in the late 1990 s to give in-house flexibility with small quantities of colour.  This ground breaking system became so popular that the bespoke in-can system was rolled out nationally, and we have since experienced ever-increasing demand.

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