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Lead in Paint - Frequently asked questions

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Why is lead used in paint?
Lead pigments have useful technical properties. They provide high opacity (hiding power) at low prices and are very durable
Which paints contain lead?
All our lead paints are cleared marked "CONTAINING LEAD CHROMATE PIGMENT", both on the tin labelling and on the safety datasheet.
How dangerous is lead paint?
Lead paint can be used safely, provided that appropriate control measures are in place. For more information on the potential health effects of lead, please see the 'Working safely with lead' section on the HSE website.
What precautions do I need to take when using lead paint?

You need to assess the risks of using lead paint for your specific applications. We provide exposure scenarios that provide detailed information on risks and control measures. For more information please contact us.

Does Dacrylate have lead-free paints?

Yes, Dacrylate offers a wide variety of lead-free paints. Indeed, most of our products are arleady lead-free. For more details contact us.

How do lead-free paints compare to lead paints?

Some lead-free paints can have a lower hiding power or slightly higher cost.

Will the colours be the same as the lead paints?

MYes, in most cases the colours will be almost indistinguishable. We work hard to make sure that you and your customers won't be able to tell the difference.

Do lead-free paints cover as well as lead paints?

That depends on the specific colour. In some cases, the hiding power can be lower. In other cases, it can actually be better.

Will I need a special undercoat?

For some combinations of product, colour and application we recommend a specific undecoat. For more details, please contact us.

How does the price of lead-free paints compare?

In some cases the price can be higher. We are working hard to ensure that the prices stay as close to the current prices as possible.

Are they as durable as lead paints??
Yes, durability is not compromised. We use high quality pigments and all our paints are designed to last.
Will I be able to continue to buy lead paints?

Yes, for the time being. We are in the process of phasing-out our lead-based paints. We will of course work with you to ensure that your current and future needs will be met.

What will I need to do if I carry on using lead paints?

You should follow the rules established by the European Commission. If you decide to stop using lead paints many of the obligations do not need to be carried out.

What about my existing stocks of lead paints?

You are still allowed to use your existing stocks.

Will you take back any unopened lead paints?

Regrettable, we are not able to take back tins of lead paint.

Are the things that I have painted with lead paint in the past hazardous?

Once set and dry, lead paint normally poses no special risk, until it needs to be removed. It is important that special care is taken when removing lead paint. Additional guidance is available from the HSE publication.

How do I remove lead paint safely?

That depends on the specific situation. See our articles in the Knowledge Hub.

Why has lead paint become an issue now?

The European Commission recently weighed up the benefits and disadvantages of lead paints. They decided to allow the continued use of lead paints. However, makers and users of lead paint now have to follow certain rules.


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