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REACH :: Bulletin 1

Dacrylate REACH Bulletin 1European CLP Regulations:
The Changes

With the new CLP Regulations coming into force on the 1st June 2015, we have a structured programme to ensure that we will be fully compliant. So, what are CLP Regulations?

CLP is a system of classification and labelling based on international agreements known as the Globally Harmonised Scheme (GHS). CLP will progressively replace the Dangerous Substances and Dangerous Preparations Directives, meaning that labels are changing. As in the past, the CLP Regulation requires chemicals to be classified for their hazards and labelled accordingly. Under CLP, labels are very different to the old scheme in the EU.

What is the scope of CLP?

CLP has broadly the same scope as the old scheme. It deals with the bulk of chemicals which are put on the industrial and domestic market for a third party (including those supplied free of charge).

What are the main changes?

Depending on their role in the supply chain, companies' main obligations under CLP relate to classification, labelling and notification to the C&L Inventory. Classification is the process of identifying and comparing intrinsic properties with agreed criteria; labelling is the communication of that information on packaging.

Classification and Labelling

The CLP Regulation makes major changes to the way substances and mixtures are classified and labelled in the EU. One of the most striking changes is the change in appearance of the pictograms from orange square to red diamond and the introduction of three new pictograms:

CLP Regulation Exclamation Mark

the 'exclamation mark' which indicates a less serious health hazards, ie., lower acute toxicity and irritation effects;

Harmful Symbolthis replaces the old harmful symbol

Silhouette Symbol the 'sihouette' (sometimes referred to as the 'exploding man'), which indicates serous chronic health effects; and
Gas Cylinder Symbol the 'gas cylinder' indicates 'contains gas under pressure'


Safety Datasheets

Safety datasheets (SDS) are the main tool for ensuring that we communicate enough information that we communicate enough information along the supply chain to allow safe use of our coatings.

The include information about the properties of a substance (or mixture), its hazards and instructions for handling, disposal and transport, and also first-aid, fire-fighting and exposure control measures. Our Safety Datasheets meet the current requirements specified in Annexe II of REACH, although these will be updated to be in line with CLP before 1st June 2015.

What is REACH Registration?

REACH requires manufacturers and importers of substances in quantities of 1 tonne or more to register the substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). ECHA will elvauate substance registration data and in ascertain cases may subject the substance to a Restriction or Authorisation of use. If a substance on the Candidate List is deemed too hazardsous for safe use, it is ut on the Authorisation List. This will have a Sunset Date, at which time it can no longer be supplied or used, unless it has been granted an Authorisation for a specific use. There is also a date by which an application must have been made for an Authorisation for continued use.

Paint manufactures are manufactures of mixtures and are termed 'downstreamed users' of chemical substances. There is no requirement for mixtures produced in Europe to be registered, only the substance within them. Dacrylate is a downstream user of chemicals, as a manufacturer of paint coatings.

To the bes tof our knowledge, all of the substances used in our manufactured products have been registered within their respective deadlines where relevant.

Our Programme

Dacrylate REACH Programme of Events

For all questions relating to our CLP Regulation Programme please contact us by email to REACH@dacrylate.co.uk.

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