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REACH 2018 Update

Dacrylate Paints Limited are fully committed to supporting the principles of REACH, protecting people and the environment from the effects of exposure to harmful chemicals. However, REACH 2018 will present significant challenges to the chemical industry in terms of the cost burden of compliance and its effect on the whole supply chain.

The 2018 Tier #3 implementation of REACH will extend the scope of the legislation to sales or imports of substances into the EU of more than 1 tonne per year. As the cost of registration can be very high there will be a cut-off point where it won't be cost effective for raw material suppliers to continue producing some very low volume products so these will disappear from the market and have to be substituted within our products.

We, as a company, are in full control of our own products and operate our own Research & Development facility. This allows us to work with our customers and suppliers to take advantages of the opportunities presented by health, safety and environmental legislation such as REACH driving the chemical industry towards using safer chemcial substances within their products placed on the market.

For all enquiries regarding the effects of this legislation and our coatings email REACH@dacrylate.co.uk.

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