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REACH :: Bulletin 2

Dacrylate REACH Bulletin 2European CLP Regulations
The Changes

Labelling and Safety Datasheets

With the changes to the European CLP Regulations fast approaching, what are the main differences that will be seen?

Dacrylate Product LabelsLabelling

CLP introduces new symbols - the pictograms. They are characterised by a red frame and a white background, whereas old EU symbols have a black frame and an orange background.

Also, CLP introduces two signal words 'Danger' and 'Warning' to alert the reader on a potential hazard. 'Danger' indicates the more severe hazard categories and 'Warning' the less severe hazard categories.

For further comparisons see the British Coatings Federation's leaflet outlining the differences between the two schemes.


Safety Datasheets

Safety data sheets will have lots of additional information increasing the average document length by almost double. The additional information is summarised below:

Dacrylate Safety Data SheetsSection 1: Identificatin of substance or mixture and company:
Registration number is required;
Added identified uses of the substance/mixture;
Email address of competent person is needed.

Section 2: Hazards identification:
Distinguish between mixtures that are/are not hazardous;
Mention other hazards that do not result in classification (eg. dustiness, ozone depletion);

Section 3: Composition and information on ingredients
All substances classified as hazardous.

Section 7: Handling and storage:
Consistent information with Exposure Scenario;
Under "Handling" measures included to protect the environment;
New section added on "Specific uses".

Section 8: Exposure controls/personal protection:
Summary of Risk Management Measures shall be included for identified uses as set out in Exposure Scenario.

Section 11, 12: Toxicological information and ecological information:
Summaries of toxic tests and ecological tests required.

Section 15: Regulatory information:
Indicate if substance subject to authorisation/restriction.

Section 16: Other information
Full text listed of H phrases (hazard statements);
Upon revision, indicate information added/deleted/revised.

Our Programme - Updated

Dacrylate REACH Programme of Events

For all questions relating to our CLP Regulation Programme please contact us by email to REACH@dacrylate.co.uk.

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