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Acrylacote Primer/Undercoat

A vinyl acrylic co-polymer coating typically used as a water thinnable primer/undercoat for wood, hardboard, MDF, chipboard, etc., for use with automatic vacuum coaters, with or without infra-red force drying... Read more

QD1 Hammer Finish

A modified alkyd with metallic and coloured pigments used as a decorative hammered enamel finish for metalwork... Read more

QD3 Quick Drying Enamel

Fast drying gloss finish modified alkyd for general metalwork. Rapid hardening with good adhesion... Read more

Vehicle and Machinery Enamel

Finishing coat for vehicles, plant and machinery. Modified alkyd with excellent durability with good resistance to oils, grease and similar... Read more

Quick Drying Glossy Red Oxide

A modified alkyd red oxide primer/finish for steel fabrications, farm equipment and similar... Read more

Dacthane Enamel

Urethane alkyd finishing coat for vehicles, plant and machinery. Excellen durability with good resistance to oil, grease, etc... Read more

Clear Acrylic Glaze

Water-borne acrylic copolymer coating, typically used as a clear glaze for application over emulsion paints, clear sealer for concrete to reduce 'dusting'... Read more

Glodac Overlacquer

Silicone alkyd coating used as a protective lacquer for the Glodac range of fluorescent coatings to prolong colour and brightness on exterior exposure... Read more

Glodac Daylight Fluroescent Paint

Fluorescing pigment in alkyd media for safety barriers, notice boards, hazard warning signs where a bright fluorescen effect is required... Read more

Glodac Basecoat

Modified urethane coating used as a white basecoate to give fluorescent colour when overcoated with Glodac fluorescent paints... Read more

Epidac 2 Gloss Finish

Hard, abrasion and chemical resistant coating for harsh environments, outstanding resistance to alkalis and mild acids, oils and hydrocarbon oil/solvents... Read more


A economical interior vinyl emulsion with excellent obliteration and hiding power. Idea for shop and factory use... Read more

Vinyl Matt and Vinyl Silk

A durable vinyl emulsion paint for interior use, ideal for old and new plaster, cement-rendered surfaces, brick, wood, hardboard, etc. Ideal for analypta and woodchip papers... Read more

Dac Crete 49SB Sealer

Acrylic solution in organic solvent, transparent penetrating sealer for concrete and similiar substrates prior to the application of Dac Crete 49SB Anti-Carbonation system... Read more


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