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Dac Sil 200 Polysiloxane Highways England Item 185Dac Sil 200 Polysiloxane obtains BBA Approval

We are pleased to announce that our Dac Sil 200 Polysiloxane has been given Item 185 status in the Highways England SHW Series after receiving BBA Approval.

Over the past ten years, our Dac Sil 200 Polysiloxane, has developed an outstanding reputation. Through its resin technology and high volume solids, it has been able to deliver exceptional performing results in long-term protection.

The product has now been granted BBA/HAPAS Approval to accompany the record of quality it has obtained, thus giving it status as Item 185 in the Highways England SHW Series. This approval, along with its recognition of being an isocyanate free coating and longer product life, makes it a favourable alternative to Item 168 for SHW Series 1900 Lighting/5000 Bridge Maintenance. Additionally, it will dramatically reduce the cost requirement for further decorative coats and maintenance.

Click here to download our Highways England Coating Approval Specifications, which includes Item 185.

Click here to download the Dac Sill 200 Polysiloxane technical datasheet.

For any more information regarding Dac Sil 200 Polysiloxane, please email Highways Technical Manager Adam Sanderson. Furthermore, for a full features and benefits presentation click here.


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