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Joshua Hall at his graduation from Lincoln UniversityCongratulations to our Graduating Interns

Big congratulations to our interns Petronella Nkomo and Joshua Hall in their graduations recently. Petronella achieved her BA Hons in Business from Nottingham Trent University, while Joshua achieved his BA Hons in Marketing from Lincoln University.

The Dacrylate Intern Programme, in collaboration with Ashfield and Mansfield Regeneration Scheme – Graduates into Enterprise and partnership with Nottingham Trent University Chemical and Technology Department, aims at harnessing local talent and retaining high calibre employees.

Petronella and Joshua are completing a project placement where skills and project progress are assessed at regular intervals to develop the interns in a working environment.

Meanwhile, we welcome Henry Davies to the Technical Department. Henry is on a one-year placement from Nottingham Trent University Chemical & Technology Department. He has just finished his second year of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry and will be with us until August 2017 when he will return to university to complete his final year.

Henry joined the programme to gain vital industry experience which he considers to give him advantage over other graduates when he finishes university as well as providing Dacrylate with the theoretical knowledge that he has acquired at university so far.

Henry has replaced Jack Bown who has returned to Nottingham Trent University to complete his final year.

The Dacrylate Intern Programme, in its infancy, has already been a success in the projects that have been completed and the innovative ideas that have been implemented that the interns have brought the work place. Ultimately, through the programme, we hope to offer the interns full-time employment at Dacrylate or aid them in achieving their future career aspirations whether it be further education or securing further employment opportunities.

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