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Dacrylate paints Santa's sleigh!!

Round Table Gedling Group required a donation of paint for
their sleigh - We took it a step further by painting the sleigh ready for Santa

Gedling Round Table have big plans this Christmas, to design and build Santa's sleigh and spread holiday cheer around the Nottingham area in a bid to raise money for charity. The sleigh was crafted and built with the help of the students at Vision West Nottinghamshire College in Mansfield. When it was time to apply the paint, we had no hesitation in donating and painting what was required for Santa's tour.

Dacrylate paints Santa's sleigh

The sleigh arrived, looking bare. A paint specification was created specifically for the sleigh which required a bright hard-wearing red gloss finish capable of bearing the British winter weather. Two coats of undercoat and then finished with a topcoat of a bright red Alkysil completed the project.

The sleigh was handed back over to the Round Table and finsihed with lights, speakers and of course Santa!

It can be found around Nottingham over the following weeks leading up to Christmas.


We wish Gedling Round Table (and Santa) the best of luck in their aim to raise money for charity.

Dacrylate Alkysil hardwearing wood coating   Dacrylate Round Table Santa's Sleigh

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