Dacrylate appointed with The Royal Warrant

Dacrylate Paints Ltd.

BCF PaintCare
We support the goals of the BCF's Resource Efficiency Action Plan for decorative paint.

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Our commitment

As part of our wider ambition to maximise use of resources, Dacrylate Paints commits to help create a sustainable circular economy for leftover decorative paint in the UK.


We are committed to tackle the issue of leftover decorative paint by committing to the British Coatings Federation's industry-led PaintCare project to help create a circular economy. The aim is to make better use of the estimated 50 million litres of leftover decorative paint generated each year in the country much of which ends up in landfill, that is enough to fill approximately 20 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Alongside other various stakeholders across the nation we have committed to help create a sustainable circular economy for leftover decorative paint, to increase reuse and remanufacturing rates from 2% to over 50%.

At BCF's Annual Conference earlier this year, Chief Executive Tom Bowtell said of PaintCare: "Despite the great strides made by the UK paint industry to reduce their environmental impact, leftover paint continues to end up in landfill. We now have the ability to reuse and remanufacture paint, but challenges remain over creating a national network of drop off points at council recycling centres, finding markets for remanufactured paint and regulatory issues. The aim of PaintCare is to help remove these barriers, to create a national solution to the leftover paint problem, but this will not happen overnight and will require collaboration from all stakeholders."

For more information visit www.paintcare.org.uk.

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