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Flooring Products

Epidac 2S Floor Paint (79-LINE)

An epoxy-polyamide with additive to enhance adhesion to concrete. Tough, hard-wearing paint for floors - ideal for use in wet, chemcial environments... Read more

Epidac 2 Gloss Finish (79-LINE)

Hard, abrasion and chemical resistant coating for harsh environments, outstanding resistance to alkalis and mild acids, oils and hydrocarbon oil/solvents... Read more

Epidac 2W (79-LINE)

Water-based two-pack epoxy that is durable chemical resistant epoxy for use on concrete, brick, tile, primed steel and non-ferrous metals, and a wide range of other substrates... Read more

Waymark Line Marking Paint (150-LINE)

Fast-drying lining paints for use on concrete and asphalt floors. Non-bleeding on bitumen/asphalt floors... Read more

Dac Crete Floor Paint (18-LINE)

Single-pack polyurethane coating, typically used as a hard-wearing coating for floors... Read more

Dacfast 2 Pack Epoxy Line Marking Paint (65-LINE)

2-pack epoxy typically used as a chemical, fuel and abrasion resistant coating for line and lane marking on weathered blacktop, brick, paving, wood and particularly concrete... Read more

Dacfast CR Line Marking Paint (63-LINE)

A chlorinated rubber/alkyd fast-drying paint for line and lane marking on concrete, weathered blacktop, brick, paving and wood. Typically uses include car parks, roads, runways and factory floor... Read more

Dacfast SPE Line Marking Paint (64-LINE)

An epoxy ester fast-drying, chemical resistant paint for line and lane marking on weathered blacktop, brick, paving, wood and particularly concrete. Typically uses include car parks, roads, runways... Read more

Dacpol V8 (9-7)

A moisture-cured clear polyurethane varnish typically used as a tough, durable coating for wood and concrete floors. Also for furniture, bar tops, tables, etc... Read more

Tennis Court Dressing (103-LINE)

Water-borne 'dressing' for tennis court that is a hard-wearing... Read more


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