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Highways England Approved Coatings

Dacrylate provide a full range of coatings approved by the Highways England. These are suitable for bridges, parapets and other highway structures for new and maintenance work.

These cover:

•  SHW Series 1900 Lighting Columns
•  SWH Series 1900 Bridges
•  SHW Series 5000 Maintenance

For more information and product systems tables, download the Dacrylate Highways England Coatings Approvals document.

For more product information select a product from the following table.

Highways England Dacrylate Product Approvals Table

Item 110    Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer/Blast Primer (90-11)

Item 111    Epidac 2 High Solids Red Oxide Primer (90-199)

Item 112    Epidac 2 High Solids MIO Undercoat/Finish (90-200)

Item 115    Epidac 2 High Build Aluminium Epoxy Primer (90-268)

Item 116    Epidac 2 High Build Epoxy Undercoat (90-269)

Item 121    Epidac 2 EC/MIO Undercoat Finish (90-270)

Item 155    T-Wash Mordant Solution (150-23)

Item 168    High Solids 2-Pack Polyurethane (85-LINE)

Item 185    Dacsil 200 Polysiloxane Finish (200-LINE)



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