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Dac Roc Smooth Masonry Finish (117-LINE)

Acrylic/vinyl copolymer coating that is tough and durable for cement, brickwork, stucco, etc., with added fungicide/algecide... Read more

Dac Satin (104-LINE) and Dac Matt (100-LINE)

A high quality water-based paint for interior and exterior use on masonry, cement, plaster, concrete, asbestos, hardboard, timber, etc... Read more

Copol (110-LINE)

A economical interior vinyl emulsion with excellent obliteration and hiding power. Idea for shop and factory use... Read more

Vinyl Matt (112-LINE) and Vinyl Silk (109-LINE)

A durable vinyl emulsion paint for interior use, ideal for old and new plaster, cement-rendered surfaces, brick, wood, hardboard, etc. Ideal for analypta and woodchip papers... Read more

Dac Crete 49 SB - High Build Anti-Carbonation Coating (49-LINE)

A modified acrylic coating for the protection of concrete from effects of 'Carbonation'. Low permeability to carbon dioxide and water. High permeability to water vapour... Read more

Dac Crete 49SB Sealer (49-1)

Acrylic solution in organic solvent, transparent penetrating sealer for concrete and similiar substrates prior to the application of Dac Crete 49SB Anti-Carbonation system... Read more

Dac Flex Smooth (125-LINE)

A high build anti-carbonation coating for masonry and concrete surfaces. Extremely flexible and elastomeric to withstand natural structural movement. With 'crack-bridging' properties up to... Read more

Dac Flex HB Textured Coating (125-LINE)

A high build water borne acrylic with outstanding extensibility, flexibility, external durability and colour retention... Read more

Dac Guard (121-LINE)

Exterior masonry paint for use on concrete, stone, render, cement sheeting, etc. Certified by Taywood Engineering as an Anti-Carbonation coating... Read more

Dacrylate Acrylic Masonry Finish (59-LINE)

Highly durable masonry finish with outstanding flexibility, colour retention and low dirt retention. Microporous allowing permeation of water vapour... Read more

Dacrylate Acrylic Masonry Undercoat (59-11)

Solvent-based acrylic undercoat for use with Dacrylate Acrylic Masonry Finish, also used as a sealer for plastic-cladded steel... Read more

Dacrylate Acrylic Sealer for Masonry (59-10)

Solvent-based acrylic penetrating sealer for uncoated masonry substrates, prior to application of the Dacrylate Acrylic System for Masonry... Read more


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