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Dacrylate General Purpose Metal Coatings
Rapidac Quick Drying Aluminium

Rapidac QD Aluminum

Reference No.: 7-3

A modified alkyd coating noted for its fast drying and bright aluminium in colour. Generally used on steelwork, valves and similar applications.

Colours available: Aluminium
Appearance Of Dried Film: Low sheen
Volume Solids: 25%
Dry Film Thickness: Typical 20 microns / Range 15-30 microns
Theoretical Coverage: 12.5m² per litre at 20 microns dry film thickness
Drying Time At 20°C: Touch Dry: 20 minutes
Film Dry: 3 hours
Overcoat: Overnight
(will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.)
Packaging: 5 litre level lid tins
Shelf Life: 1 year in unopened containers when stored under cover in good storage conditions.
Storage: Under cover with temperature range of 5°C to 32°C.
Longterm storage in warm conditions may result in build-up of gases within containers. Take care when removing lids.
Due to the nature of this product and where direct physical contact is unavoidable, it should be overcoated with Dacrylate Clear Acrylic Lacquer in order to prevent any marring of the aluminium surface.
Surface Preparation: Normally applied over steel suitably primed with Dacrylate 98-Line or Dacrylate 13-Line primers.
May be applied direct to clean steel for decorative purposes.
Application: Apply by spray. Addition of up to 10% Dacrylate Thinner R5 may be required to achieve optimum spray characteristics.
Avoid over-application of wet film. Brush application limited to small areas or narrow sections.
Clean-up: Dacrylate Thinner R5.
Health and Safety: For more information request relevant Material Safety Datasheet.

The above information is general information on the product but without warranty. Since conditions of service and application are beyond our control we cannot accept claims for loss, damage etc., based on this information. Dacrylate will not accept any claim for consequential or incidental damages.

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