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Dac Strippable Booth Coating

Dac Strippable Booth Coating

Reference No.: 19-2

Dac Strippable Booth Coating is a white pigmented temporary protective coating designed for application to all smooth, clean, metal spray booth walls in order to provide an easy method of booth maintenance.

The dried film is readily peelable and enables even heavy overspray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed. Exposed areas can be touched in or the entire area resprayed as necessary.

By providing a white, light reflective surface better working conditions are obtained making for consistant achievement of high quality work.

Method of Use: Use as supplied, stirring thoroughly before use to disperse any settled pigment.
Application: Apply by conventional spraying techniques using normal pressure spraying equipment, pot pressure 20psi, air pressure 40-60psi, and using a 70 thou tip with appropriate air cap and needle.
Apply a double pass, wet on wet, to give a dense white film. Do not spray as this may lead to some film shrinkage and poor peelability.
Do not use suction feed guns.
Coverage: 2-3m² per litre at 2-3 dry film thickness
Main Features: Strong easily peelable film.
Enables heavy overspray to be removed quickly and cleanly.
Light reflective surface for better working conditions.
Reduces maintenance time.
Shelf Life: 6 months in unopened containers when stored under cover in good storage conditions.
Clean-up: After use clean all equipment with Dacrylate Thinner R5
Health and Safety: For more information request relevant Material Safety Datasheet.

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