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Dacrylate Paints Ltd.

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Wood Products

Acrylic Wood Primer

Acrylic-vinyl copolymer typically used as a high opacity, water-borne primer for wood, MDF, hardboard... Read more

Aluminium Wood Primer

Alkyd resin with non-leafing aluminium coating typically used as a primer for all types of wood, especially recommended for hardwoods... Read more

Oil Based Wood Primers

Oil-modified alkyd coating typically usd as a primer for use on wood, MDF, board, etc., with good opacity. Excellent durability and flexibility... Read more

Microlac Microporous System

Microporous primer undercoat and glss based on light-fast, lead-free pigments giving exceptional durability... Read more

Yacht Varnish

Oleo-resinous coating for the protection of external woodwork in industrial and marine environments. Suitable for hard and softwoods... Read more

Nordac Timber Protection

Microporous alkyd resin with transparent light-fast pigmentation for the protection of hardwood and softwood timber, based on flexible resin. For interior and exterior use... Read more

Water Based Clear Polyurethane Varnish

A tough, durable, hard wearing, single-pack coating for wooden floors, worktops, joinery, etc. Typically used as a clear sealer/finish to prevent dusting on concrete floors... Read more


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