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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

  • Our Commitment
  • Environmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Business conduct
  • Impact on society
  • Suppliers

Corporate responsibility commitment

At Dacrylate we recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

They include:

•  Customers  •  Employees  •  Suppliers  •  The community and  •  The environment  •

We are committed to:

Dacrylate CSR Commitment 1 Dacrylate CSR Commitment 2 Dacrylate CSR Commitement 3 Dacrylate CSR Commitment 4 Dacrylate CSR Commitment 5


We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

All feedback that we receive from our stakeholders is taken seriously and, where possible, maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfil the requirements outline in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

We shall be open and honest in communicating our strategies, targets, performance and governance to our stakeholders in our continual commitment to sustainable development.


Environmental management

We apply the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility to our business activities, with our responsibility for environmental management viewed as an integral part of productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

Environmental aspects of our activities have been identified and adequate financial and operational resources are in place to manage these as part of our wider business risk.

We are committed to:

Dacrylate Environment Commitment 1  Dacrylate Environment Commitment 2  Dacrylate Environment Commitment 3 Dacrylate Environmental Committment No. 4 Dacrylate Environment Commitment 5


Health and Safety

Health and safety is viewed as an essential part of our entire operations. Health and safety risks are recognised and financial and operational resources are in place to manage these as part of our wider business risks.

Dacrylate values the health and well-being of our employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public.

To achieve a high standard in health and safety performance, we are committed to:

Dacrylate Health and Safety Commitment 1 Dacrylate Health and Safety Commitment 2 Dacrylate Health and Safety Commitment 3 Dacrylate Health and Safety Commitment 4 Dacrylate Health and Safety Commitment 5


Our standards of business conduct

Dacrylate operate in a way that safeguard against unfair business practices.

We believe that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve, is a vital part of delivering business success.

When carrying out our business, in consultation with our customers, we will determine the environmental, social and economic issues.

We are committed to continually review our policies and business practices to encourage engagement with small and medium enterprises as well as larger companies.


Impact on society

Dacrylate is committed to understanding it's impact on the local and wider community and to nurture for a sustainable future.

We work with local schools, colleges and universities to assist young people in choosing their future careers, being an advocate or our industry.

We support and encourage our employees to help local community organisations and activities in our region, particularly our employee chosen charities.


Supplier Code of Conduct

Dacrylate Paints Ltd is committed to high standards of integrity, sustainability and has a zero tolerance when it comes to unethical business behavior such as bribery and/or corruption. We expect all of our suppliers to exercise themselves in a similar manner and to conduct their business ethically.

Our suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws, legislations and regulations, the requirements set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct and their contractual obligations to us.

Although the Supplier Code of Conduct only applies to Dacrylate’s direct suppliers, we encourage our suppliers to invite their own suppliers to comply with its terms.


We expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable local laws, legislations and regulations related to labour and employment including, but not limited to, minimum wage, maximum hours of work, days of rest, compensation, freedom of association, right to organise and collective bargaining.

The supplier is expected to treat all employees fairly, ethically, respectfully and with dignity. The supplier must protect its employees from harassment and victimisation in the workplace, including all forms of sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

In particular, our suppliers will:

•  Refrain from employment discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, religion, ethnicity, disability, union membership, sexual orientation or political affiliation
•  Respect the rights of employees to freely associate and bargain collectively
•  Not tolerate or use child labour in any stage of your activities
•  Not use any forced labour or involuntary prison labour and allow all employees the choice to leave their employment freely upon reasonable notice
•  Ensure that working hours, including overtime, do not exceed applicable legal limits
•  Compensate employees fairly and follow local wage regulations and/or collective agreements

Environment, Health and Safety

Dacrylate provides a safe and healthy workplace to its employees. We expect that the occupational health and safety of employees is a priority for our supplier throughout all significant aspects of its activities.

We conduct our operations in a sustainable way and in compliance with environmental laws, legislations and regulations and hence we expect that the environmental protection is a priority for the supplier in all significant aspects of its activities.

As a minimum, our suppliers must comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws, legislations, regulations and standards. The supplier shall take appropriate action, such as policies, standards, procedures, contingency measures and management systems, in order to prevent occupational illnesses and work-related accidents and to provide a safe and healthy workplace to its employees.

The supplier shall also strive to reduce the impacts of its activities and products on the environment and work towards a total lifecycle view in product design, while maintaining its competitiveness.

In particular, our suppliers will:

•  Formally appoint a competent person to manage health, safety and environmental programmes and improvements
•  Establish appropriate organisational structures and procedures for the effective management of health, safety and environmental risks
•  Ensure that all employees are sufficiently aware of these risks and appropriately trained on the implementation of control measures

Material Compliance

At Dacrylate we are determined to comply with regulatory and customer requirements regarding the prohibition and restriction of substances, including hazardous substances and conflict materials. Therefore, our suppliers shall ensure that the goods provided to Dacrylate are in compliance with the requirements covered under the scope of all relevant regulations.

In particular, our suppliers will:

•  Implement a policy regarding conflicting materials and exercise due diligence to investigate the source of these materials
•  Respond in a timely manner to Dacrylate’s requests for evidence of your compliance with these requirements

Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics

We promote integrity and ethics in all aspects of our activities and expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations on corruption, bribery, prohibited business practices and extortion. Additionally, suppliers must never make or approve an illegal payment to anyone under any circumstances.

Additionally, we expect from our suppliers that they will:

•  Adhere to anti-trust and other competition laws
•  Protect all confidential information provided by Dacrylate and our respective business partners
•  Respect intellectual property of others, including Dacrylate
•  Adhere to international trade regulations


In order to ensure and demonstrate compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers shall keep records of all relevant documentation, and provide supporting documentation to Dacrylate upon request.

To verify your compliance, we reserve the right to audit and inspect operations and facilities of our suppliers upon reasonable notice, with or without support of a third party. Compliance with the principles contained in our Supplier Code of Conduct is a measure that is taken into account in our supplier selection process. Whenever a situation of non-compliance is identified, we may work with the supplier to develop and implement a corrective action plan to improve the situation.

Supplier Responsibility

If any ethical or legal compliance issues arise that are likely to cause a breach of this Supplier Code of Conduct, our suppliers are obliged to bring them forward.



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