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British Coatings Federation Winner!
New Head of Operations joins the team at Dacrylate
Introducing our new Customer Services Team Leader
Massive congratulations to our 'outstanding' apprentice
Dacrylate paints Santa's sleigh!!
25 Year Service Award
Dacrylate showcasing at HEA-HEMSA Annual Conference
Paint giveaway for Nottinghamshire!
Congratulations to our Graduating Interns
Dac Sil 200 Polysiloxane obtains BBA Approval
Well Done Stuart!
Congratulations to our advanced apprencies
Latest technology showcased at the HEMSA-HEA Conference
The DAC Destroyer
New Distributor for South-West
Dacrylate identified in London Stock Exchange's '1000 Companies to Inspire Britain'
Dacrylate chosen to represent industry for the First Art photography project
Dacrylate outperforms UK coating market
Dacrylate placed in prestigious industry award
Dacrylate Appointed as only Accredited Paint Manufacturer of HEA-HEMSA
Dacrylate at Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival

Case Studies

Royal London House - External Masonry Works
Westminster Council - Leicester Square Street Furniture
Toyota Car Showroom - Cladding Refurbishment
Silverstone - Cladding Refurbishment
Internal Masonry Works
Hypnos Factory - Heavy Duty Flooring System
Lord's Cricket Ground - Floodlights
Wabtec Rail Ltd. - Refurbishment

Market Sectors

Highways Agency & Lighting

Product Sectors

High Performance Products
Underground Machinery Paint QD White
Acid Etch
Aluminium Heat Resisting Finish 400°C
Dacrylate Adhesion Promotor
Vinadac High Build Sheen Finish
Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish
Dac Chlor Finish
Dac Chlor AC Primer
Brilliant Aluminium
Bitumenised Aluminium
Epidac 2W
Epidac 2 Gloss Finish
Dacrylate 2-Pack Acrylic Finish
Compliant 2-Pack Acrylic High Build Sheen Finish
Dac Strippable Booth Coating
Dacrylate High Solids Polyurethane
Dacthane Enamel
Silicone Aluminium Heat Resisting Finish 600°C
Vinadac High Solids MIO (Airless Spray Grade)
Vinadac High Solids Sheen Finish (Airless Spray Grade)

AC Universal Primer/Undercoat
Acrylacote Primer/Undercoat
Alkysil Undercoat
Blast/Holding Primer Single Pack
Dac Bond
Dac Sil 200 Poly Siloxane Finish
Dacquacote Primer Finish
Epidac 1 Zinc Rich Primer
Epidac 2 Micaceous Oxide
Epidac 2 HB Fast Set Primer
Epidac 2 HB MIO
Epidac 2 HB Zinc Phosphate Primer
Epidac 2Z Zinc Rich Primer
Episil Primers
Etch Primer One-Pack
GP Hardener / Activator
High Build Polyurethane Zinc Phosphate Primer
Metal Primer
Quick Drying Anti-Corrosion Primers
Quick Drying Primers
Rapidac High Build Metal Primers
Rapidac Metal Primers
Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl Primer
Solvent Borne Acrylic Vinyl MIO
UHB Primer
Vinadac 41 High Build MIO
Vinaprime 41 HB Anti-Corrosion Primer

Anti-Graffiti Products
Marclean Extra
Marclean GP
Marclean PC
Margard Anti-Climb Paint
Margard Anti-Fly Poster Textured Finish
Margard Easyclean AFP Finish
Margard Easyclean AGS
Margard Non Darkening Sealer

Cladding Products

Decorative Products
Alkysil Eggshell Finish
Alkysil Gloss
Dac Matt
Dac Satin
Viny Matt
Viny Silk

Flooring Products
Dac Crete Floor Paint
Dacfast 2 Pack Epoxy Line Marking Paint
Dacfast CR Line Marking Paint
Dacfast SPE Line Marking Paint
Dacpol V8
Epdiac 2S Floor Paint
Tennis Court Dressing
Waymark Line Marking Paint

General Maintenance Products
Quick Drying Glossy Red Oxide
Black Bitumen
Clear Acrylic Glaze
QD3 Quick Drying Enamel
Rapidac Matt Black
Rapidac High Sheen Black
Gold Lacquer
Implamel SPF
Implamel One Coat Sheen Finish
QD1 Hammer Finish
Rapidac QD Aluminum
Glodac Basecoat
Glodac Overlacquer
Vehicle and Machinery Enamel
Glodac Daylight Fluorescent Paint

Highways England & Lighting
Dacrylate High Solids Polyurethane - Item 168
Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer/Blast Primer (2-Pack) - Item 110
Epidac 2 HS Red Oxide - Item 111
Epidac 2 HS MIO Undercoat/Finish - Item 112
Epidac 2 HB Aluminium Epoxy Primer - Item 115
Epidac 2 HB Epoxy Undercoat - Item 116
Epidac 2 EC/MIO Undercoat/Finish - Item 121
Mordant Solution Type 'T' - Item 155
Dacsil 200 Polysiloxane Finish - Item 185

Masonry Products
Acrylic Masonry Finish
Acrylic Masonry Undercoat
Acrylic Sealer for Masonry
Clear Fungicidal Masonry Sealer
Dac Crete 49SB High Build Anti-Carbonation Coating
Dac Crete 49WB High Build Anti-Carbonation Coating
Dac Flex HB Textured Coating
Dac Flex Smooth
Dac Guard
Dac Roc Smooth Masonry Finish

Wood Products
Acrylic Wood Primer
Aluminium Wood Primer
Microlac Mircoporous System
Nordac Timber Protection
Oil Based Wood Primers
Water Based Clear Polyurethane Varnish
Yacht Varnish

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